Whistler Real Estate Year End Market Update 2017

As 2017 wraps up, we look back at a record breaking year for real estate in Whistler. Although sales volumes have declined due to the lack of properties on the market, prices have continued to soar and are reaching a peak. The median transaction value of chalets has increased by 19.5% since the end of 2016, bringing that median value to $2.04 million. 2017 saw an increase in attention towards luxury properties (those over $2 million) which has helped increase values and statistics, as almost 13.5% of all transactions occurred in this high-end market segment.

The total year to date transactions between Pemberton and Whistler as at 4th December 2017 was 1,010 compared to 1,213 a year ago. Values have not been impacted by the drop in activity.

As we look forward to 2018, we expect that with the lack of inventory, continued buyer interest in Whistler, the Vale Resorts takeover, a busy and well booked resort and a good snow year, that the real estate market will continue to be active.

For specific market segment information, please contact Dave on 604-935-7913.

Whistler Real Estate – Market Update 2017

In the final quarter of 2017, Whistler sales activity is continuing at an active pace, despite being slower than the first half of the year. The pace of business is still above historical averages and the slowing of sales is largely attributed to the extremely low number of properties being offered for sale which in turn has continued to drive prices upwards to heights never before reached in the Whistler market.

Interest in investment in Whistler continues to be high and this, combined with the restricted supply, has led to a continued upward movement in values. An increased attention towards luxury properties (those over $2,000,000) in 2017 has also moved the dial statistically as almost 13.5% of all transactions occurred in this high-end market segment.

Whistler Real Estate Third Quarter Stats

Currently the median transaction value of a single family home is $2.04 million, an increase of 19.5% since the end of 2016. Townhouse median values have risen to $899,000, an increase of 11%. Median condominium values currently sit at $487,000, an increase of 24%, and median values for single-family building lots are at $1,295,000. It must be noted that each individual market segment is best defined as a ‘micro’ market, so individual situations may vary significantly from the statistical average.

Going into winter we expect the existing framework of supply and demand to be the determining factor impacting activity and sale values. The heightened energy and interest generated by the new Vail Resorts ownership, combined with our growing traditional target market in Greater Vancouver, a predictable economic outlook, and the expectation of a great snow year, should ensure an active season for the community and the real estate market.

Whistler Real Estate – First Quarter Market Update


Market activity during the first quarter of 2017 stayed consistent with that of the previous quarter but was significantly below that of the same period a year ago.

As was identified in our last report, historically low levels of the number of properties for sale has restricted the amount of activity although there has been no reduction in buyer interest. This has caused values to continue to trend upwards.

Average transaction value in Whistler has increased by over 13% to $1,025,323 since the beginning of the year with single family homes seeing the biggest gain.

At the end of the first quarter the average single family home transaction averaged $2,623,471 due largely to an increased focus on higher priced properties during the winter.

Condominiums also saw a sharp rise in average value to $485,390, while townhomes moved up to $1,062,000.

The luxury market remained active with 12% of all transactions in Whistler being valued above $2,000,000 so far this year.

Market conditions of low supply and high demand will continue to be the factors driving market activity for the foreseeable future. Despite a somewhat unpredictable political environment both internationally and locally, general and local economic conditions suggest continued buyer/investor confidence. Whistler’s strong tourism programs combined with Vail Resorts name recognition will insure continued strong interest in the area.

Now more than ever it is important to work with a full time local advisor who can monitor the constantly changing marketplace and advise you in the nuances of our very specialized marketplace.

Testimonial – Irene and Carl

We highly recommend Dave to find the perfect place. We had some very unique criteria for our home in Whistler and Dave came through for us.  He had a good understanding of what we were looking for and his knowledge of the different areas in Whistler and insight into the market was invaluable. Both Dave and Alison are very professional and provided us with good information on each of the places we viewed.  Dave and Alison took great care of us during the purchasing process. All our questions were answered promptly and every detail looked after. Dave’s experience in writing up the offer in a hot market was vital in helping us get the place we wanted. A big thank you to Dave and Alison for making whole process go smoothly and finding us the perfect place in Whistler.” ~ Irene and Carl


Testimonial – Andrew and Courtney

“The patience, expertise and advice provided by Dave and Alison was critical in helping us purchase our first home in a very hot Whistler market. With a constant line of contact we were able to jump on opportunities the moment they arose, which ultimately lead to us purchasing our first home. It ticked almost all the boxes on our wish list and was situated in one of the best family neighbourhoods in Whistler. Dave’s advice when it came to the crunch in negotiations really helped get our purchase across the line. Thanks for making our Whistler home ownership dream a reality.” ~ Andrew and Courtney

Testimonial – Alex and Janet

“I can’t thank you and your team enough. Two years and out and you gave us exactly what I wanted at the time. Another chapter is about to unfold, and I am certain it will be as exciting as the last. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your team at anytime to anyone looking to purchase.” ~ Alex and Janet

Testimonial – Cato

“Dave and Alison were a superb team to work with in helping buy my first home. They provided great guidance, were patient and helpful, and once I decided to make an offer, they went into high gear, leading me through the whole process in a way that was effortless and efficient. I appreciated their help with it all, especially in the high-stress Whistler market. I’m super happy with my new home, and I couldn’t have done it without them!” ~ Cato

Testimonial – May and Victor

“We are so pleased with Dave and Alison with our purchases of a condo and a townhome in Whistler.  We contacted Dave out of the blue in Spring 2016 with very little idea of what we were looking for.  He was very patient as we considered our options.  He also put us in touch with Alison, who helped us narrow down our search and then kept us informed of listings that met our criteria.  Alison is very thoughtful, helpful and fair … never pressuring us to take on more than we felt comfortable with.  Dave and Alison both know the Whistler market very well and it shows in their recommendations of listings to view and the prices they negotiated for us.  Because of our great experiences with them, we ended up buying two properties in Whistler in a span of six months.  They made the processes smooth from beginning to end, and even took the extra effort to take care of some small inconveniences after closing.  We highly recommend Dave and Alison to anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate in Whistler.” ~ May and Victor

Testimonial – Trevor and Andrea

“We originally contacted Dave around 3 years ago when we put an offer on a cabin at Gun Lake.  Unfortunately that deal fell through, but I was amazed at Dave’s skill as a realtor.  3 years later we bought 2 condos as an investment in Whistler and I would not have worked with anyone else.  Dave and Alison were very organized with all the documentation and paperwork needed to complete the deal, and being from out of town, they made it easy to complete.  The one thing I really admire is that with Dave’s superior knowledge of the market he was able to get us the best possible deal, never once did he ask us to raise an offer, he stood by what he thought was a fair market price.  I would recommend Dave and Alison to anyone.” ~ Trevor and Andrea

Testimonial – Gillian and Munny

“We had such a great experience with Dave and Alison, selling our one bedroom town home.  The documentation process was simple.  The negotiation benefited greatly from Dave’s thorough understanding of the market and fully explaining the buyers requests.  We could not be happier with the sale going through and recommend this team to you.”  ~ Gillian and Munny

Testimonial – Paula and David

“After deciding to list our home in Whistler, I made a series of phone calls to agents and companies in the area that we have noticed over the years and ones who have been recommended to us.  After meeting with Dave initially, I was certain this was  the person we wanted to help us with selling our home.  Dave and his assistant Alison are a wonderful seamless team.  We immediately felt at ease throughout the process of listing, pictures, discussing Marketing and showings.  Listing our home was a difficult decision but Dave and Alison made each step easy. Dave was great to talk things over with and his advice was thoughtful, professional and bang on. Communication was excellent right through to the offer and subsequent sale/close.  We would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a Real Estate professional.” ~ Paula and David

Testimonial – Danielle Kristmanson

“Dave and Alison really get it. They deal with busy people, making big decisions every day and its reflected in the type of service they offer. We were buying a condo for staff housing, so it wasn’t a huge emotional investment for us. They understood our needs, presented us with just the right options, were professional, on top of the details, and got the deal done quickly and painlessly. They also linked us with other professionals we’d need in the process. In short, it couldn’t have gone better.” ~ Danielle Kristmanson

Testimonial – Oliver and Jessica

‘Dave came recommended through a friend – and it was a true pleasure working with both Dave and his team. He quickly understood our needs and had excellent insights into the local areas and communities. The result was perhaps one of the swiftest and easiest completions we have ever had!’ ~ Oliver and Jessica

Testimonial – Nicole and Tony

‘We recently purchased a Townhouse in Whistler and were very happy with the guidance we got from both Dave and Alison. We weren’t really sure what we wanted and Dave helped us narrow our search by helping us determine what was most important. He was patient, professional, and very down to earth. Once we found the right place he gave us excellent advice and negotiated fairly. We are thrilled with our new “home away from home” and would highly recommend Dave and Alison to anyone looking to purchase a place at Whistler’ ~ Nicole and Tony

Testimonial –

‘Thanks so much to Dave and Alison for their EXCELLENT service in selling our property. You were very informative and professional in preparing our townhome for sale and supportive from showings through to close. We will recommend you both as a strong team to sell property in Whistler and we look forward in selling our next property. Awesome Job!’ ~ Anonymous

Whistler Real Estate – 2016 Year to Date Sales Stats

2016 has been a record breaker year for real estate in Whistler. Selling conditions are as favorable as they have been in over 15 years.

Increased sales activity and a steady increase in values has been seen across all segments of the Whistler market this year. There are no signs of slowing, as we approach the ski season (with a huge amount of early season snow!)

Year to date Sales Statistics to the end of the 3rd Quarter:

wdt_IDProperty TypeYTS Sales 2016 #YTD Sales 2016 $ Volume2015 #2015 $ VolumeIncrease/Decrease #% Change$ Volume
1 Chalet 140 288,842,820 132 225,080,023 8 5.71% 22.08%
2 Condo 320 150,711,300 220 87,809,757 100 31.25% 41.74%
3 Townhouse 244 233,952,431 212 165,195,802 32 13.11% 29.39%
4 Shared 90 9,929,070 55 4,717,609 35 38.89% 52.49%
5 Vacant Land 50 70,386,000 31 42,461,200 19 38% 39.67%

wdt_IDProperty TypeAvg Price YTDAvg Price YTD 2015Increase/Decrease
1 Chalet 2,063,163 1,705,152 21%
2 Condo 470,973 399,135 18%
3 Townhouse 958,821 779,225 23.05%
4 Shared 110,323 5,775 28.62%
5 Vacant Land 1,407,720 1,369,716 2.77%

wdt_IDProperty TypeListings (Today)Year Ago (Oct 2015)
1 Chalet 55 100
2 Condo 64 134
3 Townhouse 37 104
4 Shared 16 27
5 Vacant Land 14 55
6 Total 186 420

Anybody with an interest in Whistler real estate is watching how (1) the new Whistler Blackcomb ownership structure and (2) the current ‘stall’ in the historically active Vancouver market will effect the Whistler real estate market. However, the continued high level of buyer interest, the forecasts for visitor number for the winter season, and the continued attractive Canadian dollar are all indicating that we will not see a change in the current conditions in the near future.

Please call Dave with any questions on these statistics and current market conditions and to discuss how this accelerated Whistler real estate market may effect you and your Whistler real estate.

Testimonial – Matt, Jilly, Theresa and Sailor

On behalf of the Benefelt’s, (a nickname that our friends have come up with) I wanted to thank you both for all of your hard work, attention to detail, and guidance during both our sale and then the purchase.  You guys are a very solid team and compliment each other very well.  I felt 100% confident that all of our requests were going to be addressed in a timely fashion and that you guys had our back.  Finally, thank you for the gifts that you gave us…the red wine has been consumed already and we are waiting for Theresa to come and enjoy the “bubbles” etc. as a family!!

We have been very happy to share our positive experience about your team to our friends – job well done guys!”

 ~ Matt, Jilly, Theresa, Sailor (and Scout the dog)

Testimonial – Anne and Vincent

“Thank you very much Dave to you and your team for making the purchase of our new home AND the sale of our last, such a simple and enjoyable experience. We found you and your team very professional every step of the way.  You were also very helpful in answering all of our questions and guiding us through the whole process. Your effective marketing strategies and sales effort proved successful, selling our home in less than 3 weeks! Well done!” ~ Anne and Vincent


Testimonial – Hayley

“My recent condo purchase in Whistler was made smooth and easy with the invaluable help of Dave Burch and Alison Bradford. They both made me feel like I was their most important client. They efficiently answered any query and solved every concern, either using their vast expertise or through quick and accurate research and investigation. The next home I buy or sell in Whistler will go through them.” ~ Hayley

Testimonial – Caroline Curran

“I recently worked with Dave and his assistant Alison to buy a condominium in Whistler. Though I love visiting,   I live over 2000 miles away, so it was with their help that I completed the whole process, from search to purchase, long distance. Dave’s help was enormously helpful throughout – from honing in on the right properties, to navigating the bidding process and closing the sale. Alison, his assistant, was invaluable because of her attention to detail, great communication skills and her thorough follow through. I’d highly recommend Dave and his team to anyone looking for Real Estate services in Whistler.” ~ Caroline Curran