Dave’s 2018 Sales to Date

2957 Kadenwood Drive – Listed at $6,995,000

8242 Mountain View Drive – Listed at $3,599,000

15-4701 Glacier Drive – Listed at $3,395,000

8326 Valley Drive – Listed at $2,985,000

8488 Matterhorn Drive – Listed at $2,890,000

31-2250 Nordic Drive – Listed at $2,695,000

8313 Chalet Drive – Listed at $2,498,000

2113 Helm Place – Listed at $2,399,000

2-2324 Taluswood Place – Listed at $2,495,000

6163 Eagle Drive – Listed at $2,299,000

2117 Helm Place – Listed at $2,095,000

2110-2112 Lake Placid Road – Listed at $1,990,000

6343 Fairway Drive – Listed at $1,949,000

16-4822 Spearhead Drive – Listed at $1,800,000

18-2250 Nordic Drive – Listed at $1,799,000

2228 Aspen Drive – Listed at $1,675,000

19-4661 Blackcomb Way – Listed at $1,649,000

9262 Emerald Drive – Listed at $1,625,000

2-2323 Taluswood Place – Listed at $1,625,000

22-4325 Northlands Boulevard – Listed at $1,469,000

6-1530 Tynebridge Lane – Listed at $1,390,000

1401-3050 Hillcrest Drive – Listed at $1,379,000

34 Garibaldi Drive – Listed at $1,350,000

219/220-4905 Spearhead Place – Listed at $1,290,000

403-4405 Blackcomb Way – Listed at $1,275,000

314-4749 Spearhead Drive – Listed at $1,190,000

214/215-4573 Chateau Boulevard – Listed at $1,208,000

216/217-4573 Chateau Boulevard – Listed at $1,178,000

4-4355 Northlands Boulevard – Listed at $1,149,000

332-4573 Chateau Boulevard – Listed at $1,049,000

109-1025 Legacy Way – Listed at $889,000

13C-3102 Panorama Ridge – Listed at $749,000

308-4314 Main Street – Listed at $736,000

2-7360 Pemberton Farm Road – Listed at $724,900

10-2101 Whistler Road – Listed at $699,900

302-2101 Castle Drive – Listed at $599,000

321-4368 Main Street – Listed at $549,000

102-2005 Nordic Place – Listed at $495,000

BP2-1400 Alta Lake Road – Listed at $475,000

12-1447 Vine Road – Listed at $469,000

108-2111 Whistler Road – Listed at $315,000

2018 Market Recap

Although the pace of sales has slowed in the 2nd half of 2018 from the beginning of the year, overall transaction values for the market have risen by approximately 7% since the start of the year.

The number of properties listed for sale has risen from recent historical lows. I am monitoring pricing and values in the 2nd half of 2018 to best guide clients on their real estate decisions.

Single family home (chalet) inventory has varied with an historic low of 46 listings at the end of March, increased to 75 in September, and the supply available for homes for sales decreased over the past few months to 58.

Properties zoned for vacation/nightly/weekly/AirBnb rental (‘Phase 1’ zoned) have been in short supply and very high demand due to strong rental/revenue returns.

Overall in our market the trend is towards marginal increase in the amount of listings and the amount of time listings are available in the market before they sell, which also reflects a return to a more normalized market framework.

Real estate market activity in Whistler remained active during the third quarter of 2018, albeit at significantly lower levels than those experienced during the peak of the market cycle experienced during 2016 and 2017.


The Numbers

Despite lower levels of activity, sales prices have continued to rise since the start of 2018. Meanwhile, the overall average transaction value in the Whistler market place is currently $1,247,715 and all categories of real estate have seen increases.

Average values in all individual segments of the marketplace have seen increases. The average transaction value for a single-family homes rose 5% through the third quarter of the year, while average condominium prices experienced an increase of 6%. The townhouse market segment has witnessed the greatest increase since the start of the year with average pricing moving from $1,146,000 to $1,464,084 (a gain of 27%).


What To Expect

Moving into 2019 I expect that the market trends will continue. Buyers will continue to show strong interest in the limited supply of Whistler properties available for sale, particularly those which are unique and/or new. However, economic uncertainty as a result of provincial and federal economic policies and rising interest rates will temper buyer confidence and ensure that buyers will proceed cautiously in their decision making.

If considering buying, upsizing/downsizing or possibly selling your Whistler property,  I would be happy to discuss your goals, vision and create a plan to make a smart move!

Testimonial – John and Alex

‘My wife Alexandra and I had already been introduced to Dave Burch at Whistler Real Estate before we had even arrived in Canada but we were still very impressed with the time both he and Alison Bradford gave to us in the early weeks of our time in Whistler. It had become immediately obvious to us as new long term residents that the housing market was tight and hot but at the same time we needed to find a property for our family fairly quickly.

Dave quickly understood the list of requirements we gave him and he was great at sifting the available market for only those properties that were a near match. As a result, in a limited supply market, we managed to see a good number of properties which gave us an excellent feel for the market and for our prospects for finding something in the limited time we had.

Dave was great. He gave time freely even to the point of taking calls whilst on his skis and he and Alison were always available at short notice to show us any property of interest.

In the end, when Alexandra and I saw the house that we finally purchased we knew we had found what we were looking for. Dave then went in to action on our behalf, negotiating with the listing agent and pretty much held our hands through the whole process until he handed us the keys with advice on everything from building inspectors to renovation contractors along the way. Nothing was ever too much trouble and many of the contacts Dave provided saved us a lot of time in getting things done.

I cannot speak highly enough of the friendly service, considered advice and bottomless optimism and encouragement that Dave afforded us in the process of buying a property here in Whistler. We have been in our new home for nearly two months now and every day are reminded how lucky we are to have been able to find just what we wanted within the time we had and much of this good fortune is down to the stress-free process that Dave and Alison offered. 

Could not be happier.’ ~ John


Testimonial – Charlene

“I had the pleasure of working with Alison in a very tight Whistler Market on purchasing my first property.  Alison was amazing!! Always took the time to show me multiple properties the moment they were listed and even to took me back to properties.  Alison or Dave were always available and any questions during the final stages she always had the answers.  Finally, after numerous offers and six months of looking I have finally settled into my new property.” ~ Charlene

Testimonial – Alex

After several years of tire kicking the purchase of a 2nd home in Whistler, Dave & team gave me the local knowledge and experience to finally help me make the right decision on the perfect property.  I can’t imagine taking on the commitment and spend without Dave’s guidance and couldn’t be happier with what we chose.  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a highly experienced Whistler real estate pro.” ~ Alex

Testimonial – Meghan and Brett

“We have worked with Dave and Alison for 3 years now on 2 purchases and the search for a long time residence. They have been incredibly helpful with their knowledge of the area, the Real Estate market in Whistler and the selection of properties available. We are happy to recommend their services if you are looking to buy or sell in Whistler! Their response time is excellent. It doesn’t seem to matter what crazy type of question I throw their way they always find the answer in a very short period of time. I look forward to finding our long term home with the help of Dave and his team.” ~ Meghan and Brett

Testimonial – Anonymous

“We have had the opportunity to work with Dave and Alison from a buy and sell perspective – we have found their combined knowledge of the Whistler market deep, reliable and trustworthy.  While buying and selling concurrently can be a stressful experience their ability to be responsive and timely meant the transactions occurred smoothly and professionally. I would especially like to acknowledge the commitment of Alison to her role, the interest she paid during and post the transaction went above and beyond expectations.  Nothing was too much trouble, making time to do whatever was needed to assist in the purchase of the property, even after settlement she was continually on hand to provide assistance.” ~ Anonymous

Testimonial – Anonymous

“Dave was a huge help in turning a very quick buy-opportunity into a reality at Whistler. Fast, professional and hugely knowledgeable; we would definitely use his services again and recommend him to our friends and family.” ~ Anonymous

Testimonial – Claire

“After owning a home in Whistler for 9 years, yet being away from the community for 7 years we felt that in early 2018 it was a perfect time to take advantage of Whistler’s hot real estate market. I choose Dave Burch at Whistler Real Estate based on his wonderful assistant Alison Bradford, having known her personally for over 13 years. Alison took care of all our email and phone communication as Dave was away on vacation during most of our realtor interactions. Alison was extremely courteous, professional and always kept us informed with the current dealings with prospective buyers. Thank you Dave and Alison for a smooth, easy sale ! We couldn’t have done it without you !” ~ Claire

Whistler Real Estate Market Report: Quarter 1, 2018

Real Estate sales in Whistler continued at a steady pace during the first quarter of 2018. Sales activity improved significantly over the previous quarter as buyer interest stayed strong. This resulted in continued increases in average sales values in all categories.

Compared to the final quarter of 2017, overall sales activity through the first quarter of 2018 was up 23%. However, it was down slightly (10%) as compared to the same quarter one year ago. Overall average and median values on the other hand, have continued to increase since year-end 2017. The average transaction value in Whistler has increased 13% (to $1,309,300) and the median value has increased 15.6% (to $995,000).

Individual statistics

The single-family home market remained consistent throughout the quarter with increased interest in newer, higher priced properties. Average transaction values rose to $3,253,000 for the quarter.

The condominium and townhouse markets continue to be the most active segments of the market, accounting for 70% of all activity. Average sale values rose significantly by 37% for townhouses (to $1,581,000), a result of a buyers focusing on larger, well located, unrestricted-use properties. The condominium market also saw an increase in values, albeit only 11% (to $662,583).

Sales values and asking prices are now consistently exceeding $1,000 per square foot throughout Whistler for built properties. This places us on par with the values achieved in other popular ski areas throughout North America.

What does this mean?

The number of properties being offered for sale in Whistler remains low and buyer interest remains strong. Moving forward, sellers can expect immediate activity on well-priced offerings.

However, recent provincial government announcements regarding real estate investment and new financial/mortgage requirements are creating an increased level of uncertainty for some buyers. As a result, we expect that market activity will moderate going forward.

It has been a great winter season with lots of new people being introduced to the resort. This bodes well for the future of the marketplace. To get an up to date opinion on the situation that is specific to your needs, please contact me on 604-935-7913.

Whistler Real Estate Year End Market Update 2017

As 2017 wraps up, we look back at a record breaking year for real estate in Whistler. Although sales volumes have declined due to the lack of properties on the market, prices have continued to soar and are reaching a peak. The median transaction value of chalets has increased by 19.5% since the end of 2016, bringing that median value to $2.04 million. 2017 saw an increase in attention towards luxury properties (those over $2 million) which has helped increase values and statistics, as almost 13.5% of all transactions occurred in this high-end market segment.

The total year to date transactions between Pemberton and Whistler as at 4th December 2017 was 1,010 compared to 1,213 a year ago. Values have not been impacted by the drop in activity.

As we look forward to 2018, we expect that with the lack of inventory, continued buyer interest in Whistler, the Vale Resorts takeover, a busy and well booked resort and a good snow year, that the real estate market will continue to be active.

For specific market segment information, please contact Dave on 604-935-7913.

Whistler Real Estate – Market Update 2017

In the final quarter of 2017, Whistler sales activity is continuing at an active pace, despite being slower than the first half of the year. The pace of business is still above historical averages and the slowing of sales is largely attributed to the extremely low number of properties being offered for sale which in turn has continued to drive prices upwards to heights never before reached in the Whistler market.

Interest in investment in Whistler continues to be high and this, combined with the restricted supply, has led to a continued upward movement in values. An increased attention towards luxury properties (those over $2,000,000) in 2017 has also moved the dial statistically as almost 13.5% of all transactions occurred in this high-end market segment.

Whistler Real Estate Third Quarter Stats

Currently the median transaction value of a single family home is $2.04 million, an increase of 19.5% since the end of 2016. Townhouse median values have risen to $899,000, an increase of 11%. Median condominium values currently sit at $487,000, an increase of 24%, and median values for single-family building lots are at $1,295,000. It must be noted that each individual market segment is best defined as a ‘micro’ market, so individual situations may vary significantly from the statistical average.

Going into winter we expect the existing framework of supply and demand to be the determining factor impacting activity and sale values. The heightened energy and interest generated by the new Vail Resorts ownership, combined with our growing traditional target market in Greater Vancouver, a predictable economic outlook, and the expectation of a great snow year, should ensure an active season for the community and the real estate market.

Whistler Real Estate – First Quarter Market Update


Market activity during the first quarter of 2017 stayed consistent with that of the previous quarter but was significantly below that of the same period a year ago.

As was identified in our last report, historically low levels of the number of properties for sale has restricted the amount of activity although there has been no reduction in buyer interest. This has caused values to continue to trend upwards.

Average transaction value in Whistler has increased by over 13% to $1,025,323 since the beginning of the year with single family homes seeing the biggest gain.

At the end of the first quarter the average single family home transaction averaged $2,623,471 due largely to an increased focus on higher priced properties during the winter.

Condominiums also saw a sharp rise in average value to $485,390, while townhomes moved up to $1,062,000.

The luxury market remained active with 12% of all transactions in Whistler being valued above $2,000,000 so far this year.

Market conditions of low supply and high demand will continue to be the factors driving market activity for the foreseeable future. Despite a somewhat unpredictable political environment both internationally and locally, general and local economic conditions suggest continued buyer/investor confidence. Whistler’s strong tourism programs combined with Vail Resorts name recognition will insure continued strong interest in the area.

Now more than ever it is important to work with a full time local advisor who can monitor the constantly changing marketplace and advise you in the nuances of our very specialized marketplace.

Testimonial – Irene and Carl

We highly recommend Dave to find the perfect place. We had some very unique criteria for our home in Whistler and Dave came through for us.  He had a good understanding of what we were looking for and his knowledge of the different areas in Whistler and insight into the market was invaluable. Both Dave and Alison are very professional and provided us with good information on each of the places we viewed.  Dave and Alison took great care of us during the purchasing process. All our questions were answered promptly and every detail looked after. Dave’s experience in writing up the offer in a hot market was vital in helping us get the place we wanted. A big thank you to Dave and Alison for making whole process go smoothly and finding us the perfect place in Whistler.” ~ Irene and Carl


Testimonial – Andrew and Courtney

“The patience, expertise and advice provided by Dave and Alison was critical in helping us purchase our first home in a very hot Whistler market. With a constant line of contact we were able to jump on opportunities the moment they arose, which ultimately lead to us purchasing our first home. It ticked almost all the boxes on our wish list and was situated in one of the best family neighbourhoods in Whistler. Dave’s advice when it came to the crunch in negotiations really helped get our purchase across the line. Thanks for making our Whistler home ownership dream a reality.” ~ Andrew and Courtney

Testimonial – Alex and Janet

“I can’t thank you and your team enough. Two years and out and you gave us exactly what I wanted at the time. Another chapter is about to unfold, and I am certain it will be as exciting as the last. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your team at anytime to anyone looking to purchase.” ~ Alex and Janet

Testimonial – Cato

“Dave and Alison were a superb team to work with in helping buy my first home. They provided great guidance, were patient and helpful, and once I decided to make an offer, they went into high gear, leading me through the whole process in a way that was effortless and efficient. I appreciated their help with it all, especially in the high-stress Whistler market. I’m super happy with my new home, and I couldn’t have done it without them!” ~ Cato

Testimonial – May and Victor

“We are so pleased with Dave and Alison with our purchases of a condo and a townhome in Whistler.  We contacted Dave out of the blue in Spring 2016 with very little idea of what we were looking for.  He was very patient as we considered our options.  He also put us in touch with Alison, who helped us narrow down our search and then kept us informed of listings that met our criteria.  Alison is very thoughtful, helpful and fair … never pressuring us to take on more than we felt comfortable with.  Dave and Alison both know the Whistler market very well and it shows in their recommendations of listings to view and the prices they negotiated for us.  Because of our great experiences with them, we ended up buying two properties in Whistler in a span of six months.  They made the processes smooth from beginning to end, and even took the extra effort to take care of some small inconveniences after closing.  We highly recommend Dave and Alison to anyone thinking of buying or selling real estate in Whistler.” ~ May and Victor

Testimonial – Trevor and Andrea

“We originally contacted Dave around 3 years ago when we put an offer on a cabin at Gun Lake.  Unfortunately that deal fell through, but I was amazed at Dave’s skill as a realtor.  3 years later we bought 2 condos as an investment in Whistler and I would not have worked with anyone else.  Dave and Alison were very organized with all the documentation and paperwork needed to complete the deal, and being from out of town, they made it easy to complete.  The one thing I really admire is that with Dave’s superior knowledge of the market he was able to get us the best possible deal, never once did he ask us to raise an offer, he stood by what he thought was a fair market price.  I would recommend Dave and Alison to anyone.” ~ Trevor and Andrea